Measure methane/biogas concentrations online and in situ

Technical Short Facts

  • Measuring principle: infrared, dual wavelength
  • Measuring range 0…100 Vol.% CH4
  • Drift < ± 2% reading / year
  • Accuracy <0,2% FS (full scale) ± 3% value
  • Housing Aluminium (IP65), PA
  • Mechanical connections G 1¼”, GL 45, Tri-Clamp SMS38, hose connection 4-12 mm etc.
  • Output RS232, 4-20mA, Ethernet, USB
  • Pressure range: 0.8 - 1.3 bar absolute pressure; 11.6 – 18.85 psi absolute pressure
  • other pressure ranges on request
  • Pressure dependence: compensated
  • CE: EN61326-1:1997 +A2:1998

Producing biogas microorganisms produce CO2 as well as combustible methane (CH4). CH4 is climate-neutral and a competitive alternative to fossil fuels. Determination of CH4 concentrations and /or kinetics is essential for process improvement. Sitting in the exhaust gas line BCP-CH4 gas analyzer measures the concentrations directly in the process of the biogas plant (methane digester). BCP-CH4helps to control and optimize the efficiency. Data transfer to process control systems is no problem. BCP-CH4 significantly simplifies measurement - the cooling of the gas, bulky lines, valves or pumps are unnecessary. The BCP-CH4 series is designed for measuring on the large scale and is supplemented by the Yieldmaster series for small and laboratory scale measurements.

BCP-CH4 – optimize your output

  • Reasonably priced in-situ gas analysis ➔ non-invasive measurement
  • No minimum gas flow needed
  • Direct integration in gas pipes, installation of additional gas pipes is not necessary
  • No extra gas cooler, no pumps
  • Fast installation due to standard connection
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Factory calibration using certificated test gases

Application areas

  • biogas plants
  • chemical industry
  • digestion reactions

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