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If you are looking for a sensor and gas analyzer for bioprocesses BlueSens is always the right choice. Here you can find an overview of our product groups. We offer a wide portfolio of sensors and gas analyzers for bioreactors, shake flasks and other fermentation vessels as well as diverse products for biogas analysis. On the following pages a lot of interesting information about each and every reasonable priced gas analyzer, sensor and analysis system are waiting for you. 

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BlueInOne series

BlueInOne is designed to measure concentrations of carbon dioxide and oxygen in biotechnological processes. It can be connected directly to the exhaust gas flow of fermenters and bioreactors from benchtop to industrial scale without a requirement for pretreatment of the gas stream.

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BCP series

Defined online real-time gas analysis often is the key to success in modern bioprocessing. The BCP gas analyzers are available for CO2, O2, H2, CH4 and EtOH (on request). They can be applied in every scale starting from shake flasks or anaerobic digesters in the lab up to industrial scales.

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