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Each measuring device needs calibration and maintenance.
We recommend an annual maintenance plan for the sensors to ensure both, proper function and best accuracy. Here, we offer the service package Blue4Care. It offers a warranty extension for one year. As part of this package, we change all spare parts and components that are needed to maintain in perfect condition. Finally a factory calibration and quality control of the sensors is performed. Of course, you can also order a repair service on demand. The cost of such a service is depending on the work required to repair or check the device. An estimate can be requested.

While the sensor gets checked for malfunctions at our service department potential wear parts will be replaced and a factory recalibration will be done with certified quality gases.

Instructions for maintenance and service

Step 1

If you'd like to send us your sensor for service or annual maintenance please download the following RMA-form (pdf).

Step 2

Please complete the form and return it to our service team by e-mail:

E-mail to service team

Step 3

You will now receive the RMA number and valuable instructions for shipping.