Recycle cartridges

Please help us and return used BlueVary cartridges.

We recycle them for you.

Sustainability is a big topic at BlueSens and we would like to involve you, as a customer, and give you the opportunity to act more sustainably together with us.

Shortly after its market launch, the BlueVary is one of our most popular sensors due to its cartridge principle. The number of devices in use and the number of gas cartridges in circulation is correspondingly high.

But what happens to the spent cartridges? In the trash with it? Please don't!

Help us to do something for the environment and collect the used cartridges at your place. Contact BlueSens Service at when you have collected 5 or more cartridges. We will take them back. Recyclable parts will be recycled and the rest will be disposed of properly. Together we can make a change!
Contact us!