BlueVary has always 3 cartridges (2 analysis channels, 1 pressure or pressure/humidity compensation channel)

The measuring principle used in the sensor cartridge depends on the type of gas:


O2: zirconium dioxide or galvanic cell (customers choice)

H2: thermal conductivity

In it´s original intact packaging the cartridge can be stored 1 year without drifting. Are you planning to buy cartridges in advance? Please remember our coupons.

All sensors are calibrated on dry test gases. In humid gases they will show lower values. This is known as the dilution effect. Does your BlueVary have a pressure/humidity cartridge? Then this effect will be corrected automatically. If you don´t have this cartridge it´s possible to correct the values eg in BlueVIS software. Our service can provide the dilution factors for your calculations.

No, BlueVary is designed to measure in gas phases only.

Sensors are protected (short time) by hydrophobic filters against penetration of liquids, but you should always try to avoid that.

BlueSens sensors are heated and therefore condensation is avoided.

One of the catridges in your BlueVary is for pressure measurement. Values measured are therefore automatically compensated for pressure.

BlueVary´s measurement is not temperature dependent, because all BlueSens sensors are temperature compensated for a certain temperature range.

BlueVary will actively try to regulate to a pre-defined temperature, if you leave the range of the sensor this regulation can not be guaranteed anymore and the measured values might deviate.

BlueVary does not need annual maintenance.