General questions

Monitoring the gas phase of aerobic bioprocesses leads to better knowledge of the actual state the culture is in. Oxygen or substrate limitations can be recognized and avoided and process parameters as OUR, CER, RQ or growth rates [µ] can be calculated from the data given by the gas analysis.

Gas analysis is an excellent tool for regulation of bioprocesses as it is very resistant to failure. By using BlueSens sensors precise measurement values can be analysed directly in the exhaust line. Thereby parameters such as e.g. the oxygen uptake rate (OUR or OTR), carbon dioxide production rate (CER or CTR) and the resulting respiration quotient (RQ) can be calculated. Then, to prevent oxygen limitations, gassing rate and rotation speed of the fermenter agitator can be adjusted. By the well-directed substrate feed (based on the RQ) unwanted effects (e.g. Crabtree) can be prevented.

Every process is individual. We want you to obtain optimum results with our devices. To offer the perfect product we need to have some information about your process. We´ll send you a specification sheet and kindly ask you to answer our questions to ensure we offer the rigth device. 

No, BlueSens devices are not suitable for that an my not be applied as warning devices. 

We ask you to tell us the surrounding temperature of the place where the sensor will be installed. 

No, BlueSens sensors are designed to measure in gas phases exclusively.

Sensors are protected by hydrophobic filters for a short time, but you should always avoid penetration of liquids. 

Sensor elements are heated before use so condensation can be avoided.

When you combine your sensor with BlueVCount gas counter it´s possible to determine the gas volume. 

Tell us what you´re up to do and we will prepare an individual offer for you.

BlueSens‘ devices neither feature optical/acoustic alarms, nor relay contacts. They must not be used for primary explosion protection purposes. The devices have to be used in safe areas only.

Because BlueSens´ devices can only be used in safe areas a zone separation has to be provided by suitable technical means.