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Gas analysis for shake flasks


Gas analysis for controlled growth in shake flasks and fermenters

Technical Short Facts

  • measurement principle CO2: infrared,2 wavelengths
  • measurement principle O2: zirconium dioxide
  • measurement ranges CO2: 0-10, 0-25 and 0-50 Vol.%
  • measurement ranges O2: 0,1-25, 1-50 Vol.%
  • drift: < ± 2% display/year
  • integrated pressure compensation

BCpreFerm - one gas analysis for the complete scale-up process

The BCpreFerm is a complete gas analysis system for investigation of metabolic processes. It consists of O2 and CO2 analyzers, BlueVis software for automated data logging and calculations as well as (where required) a Multiplexerbox BACCom for simplified data transfer. By its modular setup BCpreFerm can be connected to shake flaks as well as fermenters and thus easily adapts to your tasks. In contrast to central gas analyzers no additional gas coolers, pipes, pumps or valves are required. Gas concentrations are determined continuously either directly in the shake flask or via a flow adapter.

Running continuous measurements of CO2 and O2 concentrations facilitates controlled trial conditions with simultaneous analysis of the metabolic processes. Oxygen or substrate limitations can be detected along with metabolic transpositions. For improved comparability BCpreFerm can be used for shake flasks and fermenters equally, which simplifies the scale-up process by using one measurement technique in all scales.

Area of Application

  • Microbiology, algae, yeast, fungi
  • shake flasks
  • fermentation vessels & bioreactors (glass, steel, single-use)

Controlled growth

  • parallel analysis of CO2 and O2
  • calculation of OTR, CTR, RQ ...
  • defined experimental conditions
  • real-time statements about metabolism
  • see limitations and metabolic phenomena right when they appear
  • modular setup and flexible application

BCpreFerm consists of:

  • as many CO2- and O2-analyzers as you need
  • BlueVIS software for automatic calculations of OTR, CTR, RQ etc.
  • Starting from 4 to 6 flasks we recommend to use the multiplexerbox BACCom for connection of 12 sensors via one interface (RS232, USB, Ethernet)

BCpreFerm CO2/O2 in shake flasks consist of