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Software Updates

Current software versions

You can find current software versions of BlueVIS and YeastForce Monitor here.

If you have trouble with download it or need assistance with the installation, please contact our service team.

Please remember: to fully use BlueVIS you´ll need your dongle.

In case you need an older version of the software, please contact us.


Download Version 4.65.2 (exe)

BlueVIS 4.65 - what the new BlueVIS version can do

The popular BlueVIS software offers you the possibility to control and monitor several processes simultaneously. Many devices and sensors that are necessary for a fermentation process, such as pH and pO2 probes, pumps, stirrers, mass flow controllers already have digital outputs and can therefore be connected directly to BlueVIS. For analog signals, we use low-cost analog-to-digital converters, so you don't have to fill your lab bench with large control towers. Thanks to its open structure, BlueVIS allows you to connect hardware from any manufacturer.

The new BlueVIS version 4.65 has been completely revised and comes with new, useful features. Popular functions, such as the CustomModbus sensor, or the export tool remain included.

BlueVIS 4.65 also offers the new ComLines as an intermediate interface for easier configuration of serial interfaces and for exporting pre-configured sensors/fermenters to other installations.

Improvements in version 4.65.2:

  • General improvements

YeastForce Monitor

Download Version 1.4.21 (msi)

  • Save Inspection results and 1-point CO2 calibration results as PDF
  • Optimized Calibration/Inspection Chart
  • Re-design of options menue
  • Setting the factor for comparing measurements performed with different volumes (output as graph and report)
  • V 1.4.21: Bugfix: Chart not visible when factor is equal to 1