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BCP gas sensors for fermentations


Defined online real-time gas analysis often is the key to success in modern bioprocessing. The BCP gas analyzers are available for CO2, O2, H2, and CH4. They can be applied in every scale starting from shake flasks or anaerobic digesters in the lab up to industrial scales. The BCP analyzers allow you to scale up your process using the same technology at every scale step minimizing variations and unpredictabilities due to changes in measuring technology at the different scales. They are easy to connect directly to the exhaust flow of all types of fermenters and bioreactors (stainless steel, single-use or glass). In combination with a bioprocess software (such as BlueVIS) the BCP sensors can be used to calculate essential respiration parameters as CER (carbon dioxide emission rate), RQ (respiratory quotient), and OUR (oxygen uptake rate) or other.

All BCP-analyzers are available with aluminium (pilot to industrial scale use) or PA (lab scale) casings.

BlueSens BCP series – your benefits from non-invasive continuous gas analysis

  • in-situ gas analysis ➔ non-invasive measurement directly where it happens
  • flow and scale independent ➔ one type of analyzer (technology) type for all scales ➔ less variations and unpredictable influences
  • direct integration in gas pipelines behind the sterile barrier ➔ calibrate your analyzer at any time without the risk of contamination
  • pressure and temperature compensated automatically leading to high accuracy and process reliability
  • universal mounting opportunities for convenient integration on new or existing equipment
  • standardized data interfaces for simple connection to any process lead system (PLS)

BlueSens BCP series – short facts   

  • Available for
    CO2   O2   H2   CH4
  • Continuous measurement - no sampling required
  • No pre-treatment of the exhaust stream required sensor can operate in fully saturated gas streams
  • No maximum or minimum flow rates
  • Plug & Play’ ease of operation
    • Connect to power, gas stream and data collector - data available in minutes
    • In use with every fermenter brand and vessel volume (shake flasks – 300,000L)
    • In Use with cell culture and microbial single use fermentation systems.
  • Digital and analogue data communication RS232, RS485, Ethernet, 4-20mA