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Technical Short Facts

  • More process information for a better process understanding
  • Leads to less number of experiments and optimized yields
  • No water or oil refill necessary
  • Shows normalized volume because of integrated pressure and temperature sensors
  • Integrated display for data information at any time
  • Combinable devices (daisy chain) for less cable tangle
  • BlueVIS ready via Modbus RTU for higher grade of automation

What is it for?

BlueVCount is a gas counter and measures gas volumes in reactions of all kind. It is applicable for fermentations, degradation studies, substrate comparison studies, wastewater treatment studies, bioethanol or hydrogen production and is especially helpful in bio methane potential (BMP) determinations in industry and academia. Gas volume measurement delivers important information about the process and helps to optimize yields and process procedures.

How does it work

BlueVCount is a volume measuring unit with a 1 ml cylinder that is equipped with an oil (special) sealed magnetic piston. It counts how often 1 ml gas comes through the cylinder and reports to the integrated display or to a software (e.g. BlueVIS) via Modbus RTU . Maximum flow rate is 80ml/min - no minimum flow rate.

What do you need?

 BlueVCount     Gas
Minimum flowNo need≥ 2(9)ml/min1ml/h
Maximum flow80ml/min24(110)ml/min20ml/min
Absorber possibleyesyesyes
Limit of data loggingunlimited2x104unlimited
Ethernet interfacenoyesno
Modbus (RS485)yesnono
Single device availableyesnoyes
Gas tank/bag connectableyesyesyes
Auto-compensation of humidity, pressure,
temperature to display lN

*BioProcessControl AB **Dr.-Ing. RITTER Apparatebau GmbH & Co.KG

Technical Facts

Minimal volume flow0 ml/h
Max. volume flow4.800 ml/h
Mechanical protection up to12.000 ml/h
Resolution (standard volume)1 ml
Deviation from value±2%
Gas pressure needed>3hPa
Working voltage24V
Data formatModbus RTU
Baud rate38400
Physical interfaceRS485