BlueInOne cell on fermenter

BlueInOne series

BlueInOne series – parallel real-time measurement of CO2 and O2 concentrations

BlueInOne is designed to measure concentrations of carbon dioxide and oxygen in biotechnological processes. It can be connected directly to the exhaust gas flow of fermenters and bioreactors from benchtop to industrial scale without a requirement for pretreatment of the gas stream. BlueInOne measures the gas concentrations continuously in real-time. Installed downstream of the sterile barrier of the culture vessel, the analyzer can be calibrated at any time with no risk of contaminating the culture. Fluctuations of pressure and humidity are automatically compensated for by the analyzer.

Two different models of BlueInOne are available.

  • continuous parallel measurement of O2 and CO2 ➔ no need for sampling
  • multiple CO2 and O2 calibration ranges are available
  • BlueInOne cell will operate from 0 to 100% oxygen
  • BlueInOne ferm will operate from 0.1-25% or 1-50% oxygen
  • compact stainless-steel housing ➔ robust and easy to clean
  • PAT and QbD conforming in-situ-measurement ➔ for highest standard of quality
  • auto compensated for humidity and pressure ➔ no need for extra gas coolers, pumps or valves
  • real-time process optimization ➔ see what happens when it happens – fast response option

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BlueInOne Cell
will operate from 0 to 100% oxygen

BlueInOne Ferm
will operate from 0.1-25% or 1-50% oxygen