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Once per month you should perform a 1-point calibration (in discontinous use please do that before every fermenation). On-site calibration should be performed every second year or after 9000 working hours.

One point calibration developed by BLueSens is simple way to minmize drift effects and obtain acurate anaysis results over a long time. To perform a 1-point calibration you just have to follow the instructions in the manual. The sensor will be heated up for one hour while it is exposed to the right calibration gas (see data sheet of your device). Afterwards you can start the calibration. Please follow the instructions in your manual and also check filters. Exchange them if necessary. Do you need help? Contact us! 

Our sensors are very robust. In most cases of maintenance or failure only consumable materials do need to be changed. If the sensor is damaged we do an inspection and prepare an offer. Our service team will contact you to discuss possibilities.  

Every measuring device needs maintenance to ensure that precision and accuracy as well as reproducibilty are still reliable. In most laboratories annual on-site maintenance is suggested to ensure proper measurings. Joining the Blue4Care program you can benefit from savings up to 50% on the maintenance costs as well as guarantee prolongations etc. You can find ore information here.

New4Old is a repurchase offer for older BlueSens sensors. When you plan to by a new BlueSens sensor we can offer a price advantage of up to 400€. You will find more information here.

Yes, in a lot of cases it´s possible to help you via remote session. Please contact our service team for more information.  With BacCheck dignosis tool you can send offline recorded data to our service team directly. 

When you buy a BlueSens sensors 30 minutes of remote diagnosis are included. If we exceed this time we offer you a service package. Special services like software installations, configurations of software or sensors are not included in this service time. Do you wish to have a complete software installation? Ask us we´ll prepare an offer for you.

Normally all our products are designed to be installed, configurated etc.  by the user alone without any problems. If you wish a BlueSens service member to come to your place for installation, configuration or education of you staff, please contact our service or sales team. 

Durability is dependend on the measuring principle:

  • IR sensors: 2-3 years
  • Electrochemical sensors: about 900.000 vol% h
  • Zirconium dioxide:  about 15.000 working hours

Our sensors measure continously and every customer can individually decide for himself what measuring intervals he would like to have.

You know exactly what you are working with and how to handle your devices. In our RMA form we request you to confirm that no hazardous or harmful substances are on your device so our employees can touch your device without any problems.