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BlueVary for Biogas

BlueVary for Biogas
Oct 07 - Oct 07, 2021
10:00 am CET

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Blue4Care: The warranty extension

The gas sensors by BlueSens are extremely high-quality measuring instruments. To ensure the highest accuracy over a lot of years, we recommend our annual maintenance service Blue4Care. Through this service, your sensors will be reconditioned as good as new and you will also receive an extended warranty of one year to a maximum of 6 years. Calculable maintenance costs you have the security of being able to work with a full warranty for a long time with a sensor in mint condition.

Blue4Care is a complete service package for your sensors. The sensor is checked, if necessary, wear parts are replaced and then the meter receives a fresh factory calibration.

With Blue4Care you can expect predictable maintenance costs, compared to a regular maintenance you receive up to 50 % discount. So you can keep the full factory warranty for years.

You do not have to order the immediate or pay when buying Blue4Care. Make a maintenance appointment within one year and you will get your Blue4Care offer.

Service usually takes ten working days (excl. the time for shipping). Of course you will receive a maintenance reminder in time.

The advantages of Blue4Care at a glance:

  • Security: you can be sure that your sensor measures accurately (and that warranty is maintained)
  • Convenient: BlueSens reminds you of the maintenance schedule
  • No contract: every year you get a deal
  • Much cheaper compared to a "maintenance on demand"
  • Predictable: low annual maintenance costs for full warranty
  • Extended warranty: Every Blue4Care service extends the warranty for one year (up to 6 years)

With the extended warranty Blue 4Care save up to 50% compared to the "maintenance on demand". For details please don’t hesitate to