We care for our customers. Personally.

Where other companies talk about customer satisfaction, for BlueSens direct personal contact with the customer has always been and will always be essential. Our customers must be able to rely on our products and the high quality - made in Germany - as well as count on an individual consulting at any time.

Environmental protection – An important element of BlueSens philosophy

BlueSens supports sustainability and environmental protection. BlueSens gas analyzers for biogas help to push forward research on implementation of renewable biomass and finding alternatives to fossil energy sources. Combined heat and power plants can, thanks to the proven technology of BlueSens, be operated effectively. BlueSens helps to optimise bioprocesses, e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry and thus to conserve natural resources.
When manufacturing and selecting the materials for the sensors great value is also set by environmental compatibility and recyclability.

Process optimisation – Keeping an eye on costs

BlueSens produces gas analyzers and other equipment which we make as uncomplicated as possible to use. With BlueSens´ software solutions key process parameters can be calculated directly. The range of BlueSens sensors allows calculation of gas phase data at every scale from the benchtop to manufacturing fermenters. This means that with small scale studies we can predict the performance of the process at larger scale.
Being used in research and development BlueSens sensors help that results are achieved faster and products can be positioned in the market quicker. The ease of use of BlueSens analyzers means that production processes can be optimised online - on the spot where the process is taking place. This saves both personnel and production capacities and maximises the outcome. The investment costs pay off very quickly (Return on investment, ROI).
Many customers confirm: BlueSens - „We cannot afford not to have it!”

Social Committment

Sustainability and environmental protection play a major role for BlueSens. That is why we are
active ÖKOPROFIT member and are proud to have been awarded the ÖKOPROFIT certificate. Our sensors not only support research in the field of renewable energies, but we also prioritize environmental compatibility when selecting our materials and recycle where we can  (e.g. the cartridges of the BlueVary). We have also taken part in the KLIMA.PROFIT program in order to continuously develop ourselves.

In addition to the focus on sustainability, environmental and climate protection, we are also convinced that companies have a responsibility to society and should contribute to its improvement through social commitment. Our Managing Director Dr. Udo Schmale sets a good example and, as a member of the Herten Rotarians, is personally involved in numerous social projects. You can find out more about the work of the Rotary Club of Herten here.

The promotion of young talents in sports is also close to our hearts, which is why we have sponsored the Hertener Löwen basketball team for many years and will continue to do so. Click here to visit the Hertener Löwen website 

Last but not least, we cooperate with the Städtisches Gymnasium Herten as part of the IHK project “Partnership School - Company” to give pupils a practical insight into bioprocesses and the various professional fields represented in our company with the aim of providing career guidance.

We're looking for people. Welcome to BlueSens

As a company founded by scientists, it is in the nature of things that we think openly and love and live diversity.

That's why we want to get even more involved in matters of diversity and inclusion and once again make it very clear here: We're looking for people.

People who are creative, who think outside the box, who like to work across disciplines and who want to integrate into our team community.

Regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social background, ideology, physical integrity, age, sexual orientation and identity, we are looking for talented people who can enrich us professionally and personally.

If YOU want to join us, we say: Welcome to BlueSens!