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Partners and Cooperations

Cooperations make life easier. Besides the support of the youth concept “Hertener Löwen” and cooperations with the Gymnasium Herten, BlueSens is member of different local and regional networks, because if you want to change something you have to work for it.
We are in close contact with our partners from academia and cooperate with different companies to combine technologies wherever it makes sense. Are you interested in cooperating? Do you have an idea and are looking for a competent partner in gas measuring technology? The contact us!

ABS Analytical Bioprocess Solutions

Your network of PAT sensor specialists

ABS is a network for analysis soutions in bio process analytics. The network develops cross-divisional analysis solutions for monitoring and regulation of biotechnological fermentation and cell culture processes. Process sensors from different manufacturers measure important process parameters in real-time and all data are collected in real-time using a bioprocess software. In that way bioprocesses can be documented and observed. Undesireable conditions can be discovered very quickly and processes can be run under optimal conditions. ABS Analytical Bioprocess Solutions – Your network of PAT sensor specialists functions as a competence cluster for bio process analysis where members can combine their products and developments to work out cross company solutions for customers.


Exputec is the world wide leading consulting and software company whe it comes to scaling and optimization of bioprocesses in pharmaceutical and industrial biotechnology or for renewable energy. Exputec scales production processes from lab scale to production scale. Exputec inCyght® Software allows biotechnologists efficient and effective analysis of bioprocess data to optimize processes and use the obtained knowledge for process development and process optimization.

TRACE Analytics GmbH

TRACE Analytics GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of analysis devices for online monitoring of biotechnological cultivation processes in lab and industrial routines. The devices are robust and maintenance-friendly, measuring and monitoring continuously in complex fermentation processes for industrial pharmaceutical production, delivering data for process regulation.  

ZukunftsBande Emscher-Lippe

Ein Projekt zur Förderung von Nachwuchskräften und Verbesserung von Ausbildungsreife am Schnittpunkt von Schule und Beruf durch Peer-Learning

Young adults (apprentices, first time job entrants, students) work as “future coaches” with young people from high schools in the Emscher-Lippe region. Goal is to develop future perspectives and simplify the first steps from school to job. They work on topics regarding future. One main topic will be “Economics, work self-employment and business like competences. The project supports both personal development and economical development of the Emscher-Lippe region.