CO2 O2 gas analyzer

BlueInOne Cell

Real time CO2/O2 gas analyzer not only for cell culture processes

Measure O2/CO2 in parallel in just one device

The BlueInOne gas analyzer is space-saving and made of stainless steel. It can be easily operated via 2 buttons on the surface.

If you want more flexibility, then the BlueVary is a better alternative for you.

The flexible BlueVary

BlueInOne Cell has been designed to measure concentrations of carbon dioxide and oxygen in biotechnological cell culture processes. It can be integrated in the exhaust gas flow of the bioprocess and measures the gas concentrations online and in real-time. Sitting behind the sterile barrier the analyzer can be calibrated at any time with no risk of contaminating the culture. Fluctuations of pressure and humidity are automatically compensated. BlueInOne fits on every fermenter from benchtop to industrial scale.

BlueInOne Cell - understanding bioprocesses

  • parallel measurement of O2 and CO2 ➔ no need for sampling
  • different CO2 and O2 calibration ranges available
  • will operate from 0 to 100% oxygen
  • compact stainless steel housing ➔ robust and easy to clean
  • PAT and QbD conforming in-situ-measurement ➔ for highest standard of quality
  • auto compensated for humidity and pressure ➔ no need for extra gas coolers, pumps or valves
  • real-time process optimization ➔ see what happens when it happens – fast response options

Application areas

  • Cell Culture, Cell growth processes
  • Microbial cultivations with anaerobic phase or containing volatile hydrocarbon
  • Online fermentation monitoring
  • From lab to industrial scale

Keep an eye on your data

For all BlueInOne gas analyzers there is a convenient additional display available. Measured data is shown in real-time. The display is connected via data cable (up to 5 meters long) to the analogue 4-20mA output of the BlueInOne analyzer without blocking any ports. Magnets on the rear of the housing of the display make mounting easy and convenient. In addition, the display includes a button for performance of the 1-point calibration.

  • Convenient: the current measured values directly on site in view
  • Easy installation: quick control without software
  • Flexible to install, easy mounting
  • Time savings: start the one-point calibration easily even if the BlueInOne is hard to reach
  • 4-20 mA port included, no ports are blocked
  • Variants for all BlueInOne available

Protect your sensor during steam sterilization

The SGP-1 sample gas pump from BlueSens is installed between the pipe and your analyzer. During the sterilization process, it cools down the gas, collects the water and thus protects your sensor from damage.

The analyzer can remain mounted during the entire process. 

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Benefit from continuous off-gas data

See what´s happening when it´s happening. MS and off-gas analyzers - it doesn't have to be either or but can also be complementary. Read here why and how to benefit from continuous off gas measurement made by BlueSens although you already might have a mass spec.

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OEM sensors – customized sensors are our daily business

BlueSens' high quality measurement technique integrated in your device or provided with your label? We are already producing our sensors OEM for market leading fermenter manufacturers.

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