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Analysis system BCpreFerm

For controlled growth in shake flasks and fermenters
BCpreFerm - complete gas analysis for the scale-up

The BCpreFerm is a complete gas analysis system for investigation of metabolic processes. It consists of O2 and CO2 sensors, BlueVis software for automatic data logging and where required a Multiplexerbox BACCom for simplified data transfer. By the modular setup of the system BCpreFerm can be connected to shake flaks as well as fermenters and thus adapts to your demands. In contrast to central gas analyzers no additional gas coolers, pipes, pumps or valves are required. Gas concentrations are determined by the sensors in a continuous way directly in the shake flask or via a flow adapter. 

Running continuous measurements of the CO2 and O2 contents in shake flasks and fermenters facilitates controlled trial conditions with simultaneous analysis of the metabolic processes. Oxygen or substrate limitations can be detected along with metabolic transpositions. Furthermore, a time specific analysis of the desired product is made possible. For improved comparability, the measurement system BCpreFerm can be used for shake flasks and fermenters.

BCpreFerm consists of:

  • desired number of CO2- and O2-Sensors
  • BlueVis software for automatic calculations of OTR, CTR, RQ etc.
  • Starting from 4 to 6 flask we recommend to use the multiplexerbox BACCom for connection of 12 sensor via one interface (RS232, USB, Ethernet)

For controlled growth of shake flasks and fermentations

Workflow using BCpreFerm on shake flasks:

    • fill shake flask with culture medium
    • close flask with sterile filters
    • autoclave everything and inoculate afterwards
    • install flasks on the shaker
    • connect sensors for CO2 and O2 on the flasks
    • start measurement with BlueVis

      Alternatively for fermenter

        • put sensors on flow adaptors
        • connect tubing
        • start fermentation in bioreactor
        • start measurement with BlueVis

          Data sheet BCpreFerm

          (PDF-File, 302KB)




          Cultivations in:

          • Shake flasks
          • Fermenters

          Controlled growth by:

          • parallel analysis of CO2 and O2
          • display of OTR, CTR and RQ
          • defined experimental conditions

          Your advantages:

            • real-time statements on the metabolic activity during cultivation
            • see immediately limitations or metabolic phenomena
            • modular setup and flexible application of the BCpreFerm

              BCpreFerm blends into your processes smoothly


              Graphs below show fermentations in shake flaks. CO2- and O2-concentrations are logged with BlueSens software. Essential parameters as oxygen uptake rate (OUR), carbon dioxide emission rate (CER) as well as the respiratory quotient (RQ) are calculated automatically by BlueVis.

              BlueVis increases the level of automation in you lab and simplifies your daily work.

              Example installation: sterile O2-/CO2-measurement in a shake flask

              Applying the sterilizable PES-adapters measurements on sterile shake flask can be conducted in a very simple way. Every PES adapter is autoclavable and an incorporated filter avoids contamination after autoclaving. The video explains the setup for an O2 and CO2 measurement in a shake flask.

              For aerated systems an additional gas permeable sterile filter is set on the shake flask. For gas tight systems the upper GL-45 connection will be sealed with a lid and a seal. Analog to this installation PES-adapters can also be installed on other fermenter/digester vessels.