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Electric connection

Your questions - our answers!

Are BlueInOnes CE conform?

Yes, BlueInOnes are conform to EMV guidelines (89/336/EWG, 92/31/EWG und 93/68/EWG) with the following applied harmonized standards EN50081–1, EN61000 und EN61326-1:2013. The low voltage guidelines (72/73/EWG and 93/68/EWG) are not applicable, because all used voltages are below 24V. BlueInOnes are also conform to the American FCC guideline FCC part15B.

By which means can a BlueInOne be connected to a process control system?

The BlueInOne has two M12 ports. Port A provides power supply input and serial communication (via RS-232 and RS-485). Port B provides two 4 – 20 mA analog output signals. One for the CO2 and one for the O2 channel.

By which means can a BlueInOne connected to a PC?

The sensor is connected either via RS-232 or RS-485 via a USB connector cable. If aRS-485 connection is applied daisy-chaining of sensors is possible. We can also provide Modbus TCP connectors for BlueInOne Sensors.

What is the situation, when the sensor provides only an output of 2,3 mA on one or both analog channels?

This is an error code, which usually indicates that the sensor is still heating up. Please check if the yellow LED light is on, as soon as the yellow light is off and the green LED light on, the sensor should work fine. This takes up to one hour. If the sensor provides a signal below 4 mA after heating, please contact our service team.