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Your questions - our answers!

How often do BlueSens BCP sensors have to be maintained?

Because detector elements as well as IR-light sources have a limited life time BlueSens sensors should be maintained in the factory in Herten annually. Please also consider our convenient Blue4Care program to preserve the high measuring quality of your sensors.

How often do I have to change filters and sealings of my sensors?

The filters and sealing in your sensors stand out for high durability and will be changed during annual maintenance. In addition to that you should check filters and sealings after damage and with every one point calibration for contaminations and change them if necessary. You will find an illustrated instruction in you manual.

What accessories are needed for maintenance?

For maintenance of your sensors we only need the sensor and - if existing - the external pressure sensor. Cable, flow adapters or further accessories only have to be sent, if they have to be checked, cleaned or repaired.