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Electric connection

Your questions - our answers!

How can BlueSens sensors be connected to a process control unit?

BCP sensors are delivered with an 8-pin M12 plug. Within the scope of delivery you find a fitting M12 plug which you can configure due to your requirements. The sensor can be approached via the serial PS-232 protocol directly. Alternatively output via 4-20 mA analog is possible.

How can the sensors be connected to a PC?

We offer a direct connection via serial RS-232 USB cable with its own power supply. As an alternative you can connect up to 12 sensors via a BACcom Mulitplexer Box using TCP/IP or RS-232. Our sales team will be happy to ask your detail questions.

Is it possible to retrofit the 4-20 mA output?

Yes, that is possible. Therefor the sensor has to be re-engineered and re-calibrated in our factory in Herten. Our service team will be happy to advise you.

What is wrong, when the sensor analog only outputs 2.3 mA?

This error usually occurs only when the sensor has not been pre-heated. Please wait one hour after connecting the sensor to the power supply. Afterwards it should work as usual. Should there be no signal between 4 and 20mA after heating, please contact our service team.