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We are at the disposal of our customers. Personally.

We set great store by the personal contact to our customers. Where other companies only speak of customer satisfaction, for BlueSens the personal contact to the customer has always been a constituent of corporate culture. Our customers have been able to rely on our products and the high quality - made in Germany - and on individual consulting at all times.

Environment conservation - One element of the BlueSens policy

BlueSens advocates sustainability and environmental conservation. The BlueSens sensors in biogas production from day to day help to implement renewable biomass effectively and thus to offer competitive alternatives to fossil energy sources. Combined heat and power plants can, thanks to the proven technique of BlueSens, be operated effectively. BlueSens helps to optimise bioprocesses, e.g. for the pharmaceutical industry and thus to conserve natural resources.

When manufacturing and selecting the materials for the sensors great value is also set by environmental compatibility and recyclability.

Process optimisation - Keeping an eye on costs

BlueSens stands for sensors which are as uncomplicated as possible and therefore as competitive as possible. With the BlueSens´ software solutions the key process parameters can be calculated directly and also numerous devices from third-party manufacturers for measurement and control of the processes can be easily connected. Based on the ever latest developments BlueSens would like to pass on its competitive edge to its customers. With the measuring systems of BlueSens the corresponding process parameters can already be determined before the actual process takes place. In the production range of active components, fermentation and also biogas generation the productivity of the raw material can thus be optimised in preliminarily trials based on the gas measurement.

In research and development BlueSens sensors mean that results are achieved faster and products can be positioned in the market quicker. The use of BlueSens sensors also means that production online can be optimised when controlling industrial processes. On the spot, where the process takes place. This saves both personnel and production capacities and maximises the outcome. The investment costs pay off very quickly (Return on investment).

Many customers confirm ever gain:
BlueSens: "We cannot afford not to have it!"