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BlueSens, your competent partner

for gasometric engineering. BlueSens offers gas measuring technique - made in Germany - from the simple sensor to the complex analytical system. BlueSens is your partner for your measuring task, whether you need a standard sensor or a custom-tailored development.




BlueSens makes sense!

BlueSens has been a specialist for the analyses of bioprocesses gas since 2001. A decade after its establishment BlueSens has become a market leader in this business sector. BlueSens is located in the City of Herten in the Ruhr district in Germany. It is not that easy to by-pass and overlook BlueSens sensors in the field of gas analysis.

No matter whether oxygen sensors (O2 sensors), CO2 sensors, CH4 sensors or other gas sensors for effective and professional gas analysis are concerned - BlueSens takes the measurements at the spot where the process takes place.

BlueSens supplies reliable sensors for laboratory applications and for industrial production. Thanks to the ongoing research and improvements realised we abide by our motto:

BlueSens makes sense!

Cooperations and Memberships

ABS Analytical Bioprocess Solutions – Your network of PAT sensor specialists. Visit the Anslytical Bioprocess Solutions homepage: www.bioprocess.solutions.