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Contracts are signed! Our latest biogas project in Colombia starts now!

Within the framework of the celebration of the World Environment Day, which took place on June 5, the Corporación Autónoma Regional del Atlántico -CRA, in alliance with the German company BlueSens, the Universidad de la Costa -CUC and the Universidad Simón Bolívar, signed an agreement for "Strengthening of the environmental analysis in the department of Atlántico", with the objective of evaluating the potential of biogas/biomass generated from livestock waste".
The agreement initially contemplates the participation of four companies from the livestock sector and generators of organic waste in the Atlantic, such as Orgánicos del Caribe, Avinal -Granja Avícola La Aurora, Matadero de Soledad and Produpork, with whom the study of energy generation from biogas will be carried out with German cooperation until October 2021.