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CO2 yeast raising power in dough


Affordable and accurate yeast performance testing for baking and yeast industry

What can YeastForce do for you?

YeastForce is for determination of raising power in dough pieces (or sugar solutions) as CO2 pressure measurements [mbar] over time (usually 2 hours). This method correlates very well with the accredited association methods of VH Berlin - Research Institute for Baker's yeast.

Moreover YeastForce can determine the gas holding capacity in doughs of proofing dough samples (with yeast, baking soda or sour dough) as CO2 gas concentration kinetics.

Dough key figures which are important for the baking result, such as proofing time(time to max. fermentation volume of the dough sample) and gas retention (coefficient [%]) gas proportion in the dough, total produced gas can be determined online at any time.

YeastForce is used in the inspection of incoming goods to determine the quality of the yeast in an easy and quick way. This way you can avoid discarding large quantities of dough. Since the yeasts change during storage, it is recommended to carry out additional tests at appropriate intervals

Developed in cooperation with VH Berlin

How does YeastForce work?

In determination of quality and productivity of baker’s yeast dough raising capacity is known as the most important quality parameter.

Compact and affordable YeastForce simplifies and accelerates determination of CO2 produced during dough maturation. Sample dough is placed in the sample bottle and closed by putting on the head which contains the sensor. During maturation pressure, temperature and changes in concentration are measured. Even the time of porosity is measurable and can be visualized. After setting all templates and standards (only once), measurements will run automatically with no manual interaction needed. Sensors will measure every second and forward data to the software YeastForce Monitor in a pre-set logging interval. At the end of the measurement, a complete report is created.

Yeast Force:

  • reasonably priced and quick
  • determination of: raising power, dough volume, time of porosity
  • standardized measurements and easy calibration
  • automatic calculations and reports

Technical Short Facts

  • 3 measuring channels: CO2, pressure, temperature
  • measurement principle of CO2 analyzer: infrared
  • accuracy: 0,2% MBE ± 3 % reading
  • measurable gas volume: 0-360ml/h
  • pressure range: 0.8-1.3 bar
  • temperature range: 15-40°C
  • data transfer: RS232
  • dimensions: 162,6 x 224,5 mm

Example Applications

  • Quality control of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Testing new or improved recipes
  • Testing the influences of additives or eg freezing to dough
  • Testing baking poweder or raising agents
  • Check flour qualities
  • determine optimum timepoint to start baking

Setup of YeastForce can be changed according to individual needs. The setup (shown above) can be completed by a water bath and PC.  We will be happy to assist you in finding the right setup.

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YeastForce Monitor

Automatic calculations of

  • Dough volume produced
  • Total gas volume
  • Gas retention capacity

PC Requirements

  • 8GB Ram
  • Win7 64 bit or better
  • 1 USB2 Port
  • Display ≥ 1280x800


YeastForce - setup and measurement

How to calibrate YeastForce