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Fermenter and gas analyzers for the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences

Biotechnology is the special field of Prof. Dr. Frank Eiden at the Recklinghausen Department of the Westphalian University of Applied Sciences. His laboratory is used for teaching and research in biotechnology. At the same time, he works in cooperation with companies, in particular in the Rhine-Ruhr region, to ensure that research results find their way from university to practical application. One such practical partner is the Herten-based company "BlueSens gas sensor GmbH", with whose managing director Dr. Holger Müller Eiden has been working for many years. The company has now donated four laboratory fermenters fully equipped with suitable gas sensors to Frank Eiden's biotechnology laboratory. The "BlueSens" gas sensors make the fermentation solution analysable and controllable. In teaching, they help students to understand biotechnological processes. In research, they are used to analyse different bioprocesses and improve their control. The data from the fermentation series are subsequently digitised and, using artificial computer intelligence, are examined in simulation series to find out how the processes can be further improved and stabilised. This research knowledge allows Eiden to grow into the practice of production companies. The cooperation is mainly focused on growing from laboratory scale to large-scale production. Conversely, he simulates running industrial processes in the laboratory in order to find potential for improvement in miniaturization that cannot be sought in the running production process. In addition to the students and industry, the donor "BlueSens" also benefits from the research tasks: From the series of measurements, he can derive improvement possibilities for his gas sensors, which, for example, can be used to monitor the oxygen and carbon dioxide content in the fermenters, thus providing information on the quality of the conversion process. Eiden: "We are pleased that this donation will have a fourfold benefit: for the students, for research, for industry and for the donor". (report of the Westfälische Hochschule)