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New4Old - the repurchase offer by BlueSens

New4Old is a repurchase offer by BlueSens. Send your old BCP-sensor back to us and get 400 € off when buying a new BCP-sensor.

BlueSens´ sensors operate reliably and accurately for many years. For well over a decade many of our customers rely on the well-known quality of BlueSens. BlueSens would like to thank you for this loyalty and is now offering a "New for Old" - repurchase service for older BCP-sensors (production year 2010 and earlier) to our costumers.  BlueSens measurement technology is constantly evolving. With New4Old there is a further incentive to upgrade to the latest technology now. With New4Old BlueSens offers an buyback service for old sensors of the BCP-series. We are pleased to make you an individual offer. After that just send  your old sensors back to us. For every old BCP-sensor that is exchanged with a new BCP-Sensor, you will receive a 400€  reduction in the cost  of the new sensor.

We will  take care of the old sensors and recycle them in an environmentally friendly manner. If you would like to exchange your BCP-sensors with devices from another sensor series, e.g.  like the BlueInOne series, just ask us and we will prepare an individual offer for you.

With the new sensors you will be able to take advantage of latest latest technology  at a very attractive price and continue your gas analysis with the well known BlueSens´ quality. 


Production year of the old sensors must be 2010 and earlier.  This is a non-binding offer until the end of 2017.