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BlueVis 4.0 - Unified bioprocessmanagement.

We developed BlueVis to offer a software to manage your bioprocess as easy as possible. You could connect every sensor, analyzer, pump, agitator, balance, massflowcontroler etc. of any brand to your fermenter. BlueVis has universal interfaces to communicate with many digital protocolls. BlueVis itself is equipped as standard with an OPC-Server and a Client.  


  • connect sensors, analyzer and other instruments from many manufacturers
  • BlueVis saves the data on a data base and present these in configurable graphs
  • all data could be used in parallel for calculations (e.g. soft-sensors)
  • and be used for process control


  • controls the whole process (inlcuded PID controler, sequence prgramms, connetivity to MATLAB)
  • Runs up to 12 parallel processes
  • Process data like CER, OUR, RQ, Y, µ and biomass are calculated online
  • takes data from instruments of many manufacturers
  • equipped with OPC server/client as standard
  • data are saved in database
  • Visualization of the measurements (configurable graph)

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Follwing devices are BlueVis ready

Further devices could be connected with native and digital interfaces. In addition multiple analogue/digital adapters are available on the market.

HamiltonEasyFerm pH ARCRS485, Bluetooth
HamiltonVisiFerm, ARCRS485, Bluetooth
HamiltonDenCytee RS485, PC-Box
BronkhorstMass flow controlerRS485
TraceC2 Glukose/LaktateTCP/IP
TraceP4 (Pump)TCP/IP
IsmatecReglo PumpRS232
Mettler ToledoInPro 5500iRS485
A&D CompanyBalanceRS232
UnknownYour deviceAsk us!

Communication with other software

BlueVis could deliver and receive data from the following systems / software


Eppendorf DASware® controlOPC
ExputecInCyghtData base

Other possible with modification

Brochure BlueVis

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Information flyer

Information flyer "take what you have"
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