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Software for the monitoring of bioprocesses and fermentations

To understand bioprocesses, BlueSens offers various custom software solutions.


With our latest software BlueVis 4.0 bioprocesses can be monitored and controlled. BlueVis is open to sensors and actuators from other manufacturers.


Software for the Yieldmaster. For data recording of every sensor and volume metre. For example, you can measure the content and the volume of methane at the same time.


FermVis records concentration of CO2 and O2 during a fermentation with simultaneously calculation of the oxygen uptake rate (OUR), carbon dioxide emission rate (CER) and the respiratory quotient (RQ) in shake flasks and fermenters.

BlueVis is a comprehensive analysis and maintenance tool for BlueInOne series. Fermentation processes in Bioprocessing can be better observed with BlueVis. It is an application for the Yieldmaster analysis system. It detects and visualizes in real time how much of a particular gas component (e.g., methane, hydrogen, CO2) is actually formed in a fermentation process. The program helps to detect unwanted effects and to maximize the substrate’s yields. FermVis is a program for the visualization and calculation of fermentation processes in biotechnology and process technology. The O2 sensors and the CO2 sensors provide real-time measurement data from the fermenter or the shake flasks. FermVis continuously records the concentrations of oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations during fermentation also calculates important process parameters such as the OUR, CER and RQ.
In addition to the BlueSens software solutions you can connect all the BlueSens´ sensors to a process lead system, too.

Unified Bioprocessmanagement

The new BlueVis 4.0 software is for the management of bioprocesses. It is providing all the connectivity, measurement features and soft sensors that you will need to start and to run continuous bioprocesses. Monitor your key parameters and control the bioprocess via connected actuators. Unify your bioprocess management with the new BlueVis.

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