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Gas analysis for fermenters

A modern gas analysis allows to control fermentation processes in real-time. BlueSens offers a number of in-situ sensors for the analysis of oxygen and carbon dioxide for the control of bioprocesses in the fermenter.


Concentration range
0....10 Vol.%
0....25 Vol.%
0....50 Vol.%

Measuring principle
Infrared, dual wavelengths

Name of product


Concentration range
0,1....25 Vol.%
1....50 Vol.%
0...100 Vol.%

Measuring principle
1) ZrO2
2) Galvanic zell

Name of product
1) BCP-O2
2) BCP-O2ec

O2 and CO2 analyzer

Concentration range

  • 1....50 Vol.% (O2)
  • 0....25 Vol.% (CO2)

Measuring principle

  • ZrO2(O2)
  • IR, dual wavelengths(CO2)

Name of product
BlueInOne Ferm

For the measurement of CO2 and O2 in the fermenter you have the choice between single process sensors and the new combined sensor BlueInOne Ferm.

Due to the software FermVis those sensors are able to be used as an autarkic system or can be connected through standard interfaces with already existent process control systems of any manufacturer.

Your advantages

  • low maintenance
  • long term stable
  • in-situ measurement
  • high availability of data
  • independent of gas flow
  • direct integration in gas pipe possible
  • no gas cooler, pumps and valves necessary
  • easiest handling