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Biogas BMP analyzer Yieldmaster

Simultaneous methane (CH4) and volume determination

The bio-methane potential (BMP) test system "Yieldmaster" is a highly developed and modular measuring system. In the minimum configuration you need a glass bottle with one opening for a tube that is connected to our latest development, the precision volume meter BlueVCount. This volume measurement device, for up to 80 ml/min with 1 ml resolution, contains a volume measuring cell, a temperature and a pressure sensor so the output is already given as normalized volume (273,15 K, 1,013 bar). Even effects due to humidity could be compensated with the integrated temperature sensor in every individual device. 

As a configuration for professionals / research and development places BlueSens well established gas sensors for e.g. CH4, CO2, O2 or H2 can be installed directly at the vessel to give the most accurate result (with head space correction according to VDI 4630)  to monitor for example kinetic effects in detail.

A full configuration can also be equipped with water bath, stirrer, pH-electrodes and pumps controlled by BlueVis.

The flexible BlueSens system can be used with fermentation vessels from 250 ml to 5.000 ml.

For measuring gas formation potential

To ensure that the biogas production is very effective it is necessary to know the biological methane potential (BMP) of the input material. The Yieldmaster will make it easy for you to see find out the BMP of different substrates and to guarantee the maximum yield for your biogas process.

When using the biomethane potential analyzer Yieldmaster you do not have to consider minimum gas volumes produced during the running experiment. As the experiment is started, the CH4 concentrations and the gas volumes are recorded automatically. Using methane sensors directly in the fermentation container means, none of the measurement data is lost and errors caused by gas leakage or other malfunctions are minimized. The combination of the methane sensors and the precision volume meters results in a parallel gas metric flow measurement so that both the generated gas volume as well as the biomethane content are available online and are continuously and automatically documented by BlueVis.

Your advantages:

  • minimal gas volume is not needed
  • high sample throughput
  • real-time values during methane production
  • monitoring metabolism phenomena
  • parallelism means you have comparable results
  • automatic data acquisition
  • high grade of automation
  • compliant to VDI4630
  Yieldmaster Eudiometer
Real time gas analysis in the process: no sampling
Detection of other important gases besides CH4 possible additional equipment needed
Optional pH probes connectable additional equipment needed
Flexible scale
No gas treatment/filtering needed
Software for automated logging and managing of the process
Automated data acquisition of all values
Hazardous substances needed

Complete system with PC

We can also offer a preconfigured Yieldmaster complete system with BlueVis, a very powerful PC, a monitor, mouse and water-resistant keyboard. The Yieldmaster complete system is individually pre-installed for you at BlueSens so that you can quickly start the measurement. Just contact us for the complete system with PC.

Contact our sales team sales(at)bluesens.de

Consisting of:

  • up to 16 BlueVCount gas volume measurement unit
  • up to 16 fermenter bottles (250 ml to 5000 ml)
  • software BlueVis for data acquisition and calculations according to VDI 4630
  • up to 16 CH4 sensors (Optional)
  • absorber bottles (NaOH) (Optional)
  • electronic multiplexer "BACCom" connection for up to  16 gas sensors (optional)
  • water bath (optional)
  • magnetic stirrer (optional)
  • computer , display (optional)

Gain information about:

  • process kinetics
  • substance behaviour
  • optimization of substrate mixtures
  • evaluation of new raw materials for biogas production



Biogas production: Determination of the methane production potential in anaerobic digestion processes. (PDF, 400KB)


New flow adapter and inexpensive fermentation vessels

Inexpensive measurement of biogas in the laboratory

Especially for use in the Yieldmaster systems there is a special flow adapter for use along with inexpensive preserving jars to choose from now. The flow adapter can be easily connected to round jars with a volume of up to five liters and provides two connectors for BCP-sensors. In most cases the set-up consists of a CH4 and a CO2 sensor, but for other types of experiments there are other possible installations (for example, CH4 / O2 or CH4 / H2). In addition, the flow adapter has a standardized PG13.5 port through which, for example, an additional probe can be installed. The experiments for the production of Biomethane often last for several days. Often it is recommended to run a larger number of experiments at the same time run enough variations and comparison tests in a manageable timeframe. The use of inexpensive jars in this case represents an attractive alternative to traditional fermentation vessels and small fermenters.