Biogas analysis

As the price for oil and gas is constantly rising, biogas became a valuable energy source. BlueSens offers robust and low cost biogas analysis sensors controlling the processes, so that biogas plants are able to work extremely effective. BlueSens offers products for biogas analysis for every scale and for every application. If you are interestet in the application of our biogas analysis systems also note the application report by the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer in our Report No.1. (link to the Report)

Process sensors

The control of the biogas plants can be made via the established process sensors.

Compact apparatus

The compact apparatus BenchOne Biogas is the perfect tool to analyse CH4 and CO2 gas on the laboratory scale.

Laboratory scale

With the aid of the lab system Yieldmaster, it is possible to analyse the specific gas effect of different substrates already before the biogas plant's charging.