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Ethanol analyzer BCP-EtOH

Ethanol-Analyzer for Biofuels and fermentation processes. The compact analyzer BCP-EtOH detects the concentration of ethanol in the liquid phase of the bioprocess. In doing so the analyzer uses a unique technique and measures in the gaseous phase und calculates automatically the concentration in the liquid phase.

BCP-EtOH Analyzer

With this analyzer a lot of typical bioprocesses can be monitored online and in real-time so that metabolic adoptions can be recognized very quickly in the running process. Application areas are fermentation and brewing processes, the Biofuel production or the analysis of Pichia processes. Because of the quick responding analyzer changes in the process can be realized in time and the process parameter can be adapted accordingly.

The objective can be on the one hand an optimization of the alcohol yield in the Biofuels production. On the other hand it is possible to prevent undesirable metabolic processes (like the Crabtree effect) in other bioprocesses. The analyzer can be integrated very easily into every process at every kind to application. Due to the universal mechanical connections the analyzer head can be installed to every fermenter flask/vessel and hose and pipe connection. Already existing plants and installations can remain in use. Via different data interfaces like RS 232, 4-20 mA or USB the raw data can be transmitted to a process control or the monitoring software in real time.


  • low maintenance
  • measurement in the gas phase
  • high long term stability
  • in-situ measurement
  • independent from gas flow
  • direct integration in gas pipes possible
  • no gas cooler, pumps or valves necessary
  • easy to use
  • easy data transfer

Application areas:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biotechnology
  • brewing processes
  • Pichia-processes
  • fermentation processes etc.
  • Biofuels production


  • Measuring range: 0.2-25 Vol.%*
  • Measuring principle: Infrared, two wavelengths
  • Accuracy: < ± 0.2 % full scale ± 3% value
  • Long-term stability: < ± 0.2 % full scale ± 3% value
  • Temperature range: 15 - 50°C/ 59 - 122°F
  • Output: RS232, 4-20mA, USB, Ethernet (with BACCom)


* others on request

Application: "Continuous bio-ethanol production by means of yeast".

(Download PDF-file, 740KB)