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Gas analyzer BlueInOne Ferm

The new online gas analyzer for bioprocesses and fermentation processes combines the parallel measurement of CO2 and O2 with just one space-saving sensor. It can be used for fermenters of every size, from the lab to industrial scale.

BlueInOne Ferm

Inside the BlueInOne Ferm there is an O2 sensor and a CO2 sensor, too. The BlueInOne Ferm also measures the pressure and humidity in the off gas of the bioprocess.

Therefore the BlueInOne Ferm gas analyzer is neither affected by the gas flow nor by humidity in the process. This state-of-the-art combined gas analyzer stands for highest precision and reliability.

BlueInOne Ferm - understanding bioprocesses.


  • parallel measurement of O2 and CO2
  • Modbus OPC server available
  • compact stainless steel housing
  • PAT and QbD conform in-situ-measurement
  • auto compensated humidity and pressure
  • no gas cooler, pumps or valves needed
  • connectable to any hose/tube or pipe
  • status display by luminous pushbuttons

Application areas:

  • online fermentation monitoring
  • real time process optimization
  • from lab  to industrial scale

Concentration ranges:

1. CO2: 0 - 10 Vol.%, O2: 0.1 - 25 Vol.%

2. CO2: 0 - 25 Vol.%, O2: 0.1 - 25 Vol.%

3. CO2: 0 - 10 Vol.%, O2: 1 - 50 Vol.%

4. CO2: 0 - 25 Vol.%, O2: 1 - 50 Vol.%


Measuring principle:

IR(CO2 sensor), ZrO2 (O2 sensor)

Temperature inside of the sensor unit:

580°C/1076°F (O2 sensor unit)

Soft sensors:

Together with the Bioprocessing software BlueVis the following soft sensors are available:

  • CER
  • OUR
  • RQ
  • Biomass by EXPUTEC
  • Growth rate by EXPUTEC

The usability of the soft sensors depends on the set-up of the process and may require additional equipment.

General brochure BlueInOne

(PDF-File, 3 MB)



Information Display

(PDF-Datei, 400 KB)




Optional display for the BlueInOne

For all the BlueInOne gas analyzers there is a convenient additional display available now. It shows the current measurement data of the CO2 and O2 concentration. So you have the present measurement always directly in view. The display is simply connected via an up to 5 meters long data cable to the analogue 4-20mA output of the BlueInOne analyzer. Magnets at the backside of the housing of the display make the mounting easy and convenient. The display also has got a 4-20mA port, which passes the analog signal from BlueInOne. Thus, no ports are blocked by the display. In addition, the display has a practical button to perform a 1-point calibration. Thus, the calibration can also be started very simply, if the BlueInOne is not easy to reach. The display is supplied via the power from the 4-20 mA output and requires no external power supply and no batteries. There are versions for each BlueInOne; also devices that are already in use can be upgraded.


  • Convenient: the current measured values directly on site in view
  • Easy installation: quick control without software
  • Flexible to install, easy mounting
  • Time savings: start the one-point calibration easily even if the BlueInOne is hard to reach
  • 4-20 mA port included, no ports are blocked
  • Variants for all BlueInOne available

Easy to install

The BlueInOne is very easy to install via various mechanical connections. Usually the BlueInOne is installed in the exhaust pipe. We offer many hose nozzles, quick connector, Tri-Clamp connections and screw connections. See here a list of standard designs:

Other mechanical connections can be implemented on request.

The new BlueVis software. The ideal tool for the BlueInOne.

The BlueVis software is the most convenient solution to operate the BlueInOne gas analyzers. It logs and visualizes the data and is a maintenance-tool for the monthly calibration as well. This Bioprocessing software calculates the oxygen uptake rate (OUR), carbon dioxide emission rate (CER) and respiratory quotient (RQ) automatically by the collected data of the BlueInOne analyzer and the given process parameters. Up to 12 processes can be easily managed by this program.   

(more about the BlueVis)