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Oxygen analyzer for in-situ gas analysis

This oxygen analyzer makes process optimisation in bioprocessing efficient and precise.

No other element is connected to life so strongly like oxygen. It´s measurement resembles a central point in controlling biological processes. With our O2 analyzers the oxygen content can be determined online in an easy and reliable manner.

Applying the BCP-O2 oxygen content in the process can be determined in an easy and reliable in real-time. The sensor makes process optimization in bioprocessing more efficient and precise.

Oxygen analyzer BCP-O2

The field of application for the BCP-O2 is very wide. No matter if bioreactor, fermenter, lab, scale-up application or industrial scale, BCP-O2 is the right choice when it comes down to oxygen measurements. The resistant casing and the sound finish of this space-saving analyzer is convincing and it measures exactly on the spot where processing takes place. No matter where the bioprocess takes place, be it in the glass flask, the stainless steel fermenter or when using disposables - the BCP-O2 series is always the right solution.

Sampling, gas cooling and cumbersome lines and filters are superfluous. Thanks to the standard interfaces the data of this oxygen analyzer can be readout by any electronic process control system.

Your advantages

  • In-situ gas analysis -> non-invasive measurement diretly where it happens
  • flow and scale independent -> one sensor for all scales
  • Low investment cost -> start with one and upgrade step by step
  • Direct integration in off gas pipes
  • pressure and temperature compensated automatically
  • universal mounting opportunities



Data Sheet BCP-O2

(PDF-File, 352KB)



Brochure BCP-O2 

(PDF-File, 1 MB)



Example installation: sterile O2-measurement in a shake flask

Applying the sterilizable PES-adapters measurements on sterile shake flaks can be conducted in a very simple way. Every PES adapter is autoclavable and an incorporated filter avoids contamination after autoclaving. The video explains the setup for an O2 and CO2 measurement in a shake flask.

For aerated systems an additional gas permeable sterile filter is set on the shake flaks. For gas tight systems the upper GLK-45 connection will be sealed with a lid and a seal. Analog to this installation PES-adapters can also be installed on other fermenter/digester vessels.