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CO2 sensor for in-situ gas analysis

The BCP-CO2 is a modern in-situ CO2 gas sensor for the analysis of carbon dioxide in bioprocessing and fermentation technology.

Success in modern bioprocessing

Defined CO2 analysis can be the key to success in modern bioprocessing. The BCP-CO2 sensor can be applied in every scale starting from shake flasks, digestions vessels in the lab up to big production scales. Like this you measure using the same technique from development to production.

No matter if you are working with stainless steel or disposable bioreactors – BCP-CO2 is easy to connect, needs low maintenance and is always the right decision when it comes to carbon dioxide measurement in bioprocesses.


The CO2 sensor BCP-CO2 is especially suitable for usage with parallel bioreactors. The compact sensors of this type can be easily integrated into gas pipeline. The BCP-CO2 is available with PA plastic housing or a resistible aluminum housing (IP65). Offering different types and various possibilities to connect the sensors can be applied from shake flask to production scale. With their robust housings and stable technique the sensors have proven themselves as very reliable. With the help of the BCP-CO2 you can determine the CO2 content directly in place independent from flow.

This means process optimization in real-time. The time scheduled for experiments in the lab will significantly be reduced. Additional gas coolers, pumps or valves for gas measurement are not necessary. In combination with the BlueSens software you can for example calculate CER (carbon dioxide emission rate) from the values measured by the BCP-CO2. Due to the standardized data interfaces BCP-CO2 can be connected to any process lead systems without problems.

Your advantages:

    • in-situ gas analysis -> non-invasive measurement directly where it happens
    • flow and scale independent -> one sensor type for all scales
    • low investment cost -> start with one and upgrade step by step
    • direct integration in gas pipelines
    • pressure and temperature compensated automatically
    • universal mounting opportunities



      Technical data sheet BCP-CO2

      (PDF-File, 400 KB)



      Brochure BCP-CO2

      (PDF-File, 1,6 MB)



      Example installation: sterile CO2-measurement in a shake flask

      Applying the sterilizable PES-adapters measurements on sterile shake flaks can be conducted in a very simple way. Every PES adapter is autoclavable and an incorporated filters avoids contamination after autoclaving. The video explains the setup for an O2 and CO2 measurement in a shake flask. 

      For aerated systems an additional gas permeable sterile filter is set on the shake flaks. For gas tight systems the upper GL-45 connection will be sealed with a lid and a seal. Analog to this installation PES-adapters can also be installed on other fermenter/digester vessels.