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Sensors and gas analyzers

If you are looking a for sensor and gas analyzer for bioprocesses BlueSens is always the right choice. Here you can find an overview of our product groups. We offer a wide portfolio of sensors and gas analyzers for fermenters, shake flasks and also biogas analysis. On the following pages a lot of interesting information about each and every reasonable priced gas analyzer, sensor and analysis system are waiting for you.

for fermenters

BCproFerm is a perfect tool for the optimal execution of fermentions. Those analyzers for gas are able to be used as an autarkic system or can be connected through standard interfaces with already existent process control systems of any manufacturer.

for shake flasks

Running continuous measurements of the CO2 and O2 contents in shake flasks and fermenters facilitates controlled trial conditions with simultaneous analysis of the metabolic processes.

for biogas

As the price for oil and gas is constantly rising, biogas became a valuable energy source. BlueSens has produced robust and low cost sensors controlling the processes, so that biogas plants are able to work extremely effective.

OEM Sensors

Customized sensors are our daily business because every customer needs other specifications.


Monitor and control you process with the BACVis and FERMVis software. Know the oxygen uptake rate (OUR), carbon dioxide emission rate (CER) and the respiratory quotient (RQ) in real-time.


BlueSens offers many accessories for your application. Starting with shake flask, water bath to pH electrodes we can offer necessary parts for you.

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We offer a broad spectra of sensors and analyser for fermenters/bioreactors and shake flasks. In addition we cover analyzer/sensors for biogas. Inform yourself downloading our general brochure.

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On the following pages you will find many information about sensors, analyzer and software for bioprocesses. Naturally we like to inform you personally, too.