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the maintenance free variable off-gas sensor adapting to your needs

BlueVary consists of a basis station with three plug-in positions for sensor cartridges. Two different gases can be measured at once. The third plug-in position holds a special pressure and/or humidity sensor cartridge. Gas sensor cartridges are selectable according to your application and can be changed as required without effort.

BlueVary increases your efficiency

  • one device to cover different measurement tasks ⇒ choose a suitable gas sensor cartridge for your application
  • maintenance free ⇒ no need for annual maintenance minimizes your downtimes
  • auto compensated humidity and/or pressure ⇒ no gas cooler, pumps or valves needed
  • connectable to any hose/tube or pipe ⇒ use it on your fermenter of choice
  • integrated status display ⇒ see all sensor and measurement data at a glance

Simplify process optimization

  • continuous online fermentation monitoring for cell culture, microbial, algae, fungi or biogas processes
  • identify metabolic phenomena and obtain vital process parameters
  • applicable from lab to industrial scale

Technical Short Facts

  • 3 cartridge plug-in positions
    • 1 for pressure/humidity
    • 2 for two various gas cartridges
  • variable connections and data output options
  • light but robust plastic housing
  • Cartridges for CO2 and O2 (different measurement ranges) available as from now
  • Cartridges for CH4 and H2 coming soon

For detailed information or any other question please
contact our sales team sales(at)bluesens.de

We also assist you finding the right measurement range.

Easy to install

The BlueVary is easy to install as it allows various mechanical connections. As the other BlueSens sensors BlueVary can be installed directly in the exhaust pipe or in a bypass. We offer all kinds of hose nozzles, quick connectors, Tri-Clamp connections and screw connections. Tell us what you plan to do
we can assist you in finding the right solution

What's new!

See here a short comparison between our BlueInOne and the new BlueVary sensor:

  BlueInOne BlueVary
Housing stainless steel PC
annual maintenance needed yes no
gases to be measured combination O2, CO2 Various combinations O2, CO2, H2, EtOH,CH4
different combinations possible for flexible usage no yes
integrated display to see measurement and sensor data at one glance no yes
various connections to connect to every fermenter yes yes
Application in projects with different measurement ranges calibration has to be changed (if possible) choose another cartridge
one-point calibration to ensure higher accuracy yes yes
possible to combine with BlueVis software for higher automation grade yes yes
suitable for biogas applications no yes


Combined with BlueVis software BlueVary turns in an even more powerful tool to monitor and control your process. The BlueVis software logs and visualizes the data and simplifies the monthly one-point calibration. BlueVis software automatically calculates the oxygen uptake rate (OUR), carbon dioxide emission rate (CER) and respiratory quotient (RQ) by the collected data of the BlueVary analyzer and the given process parameters. The program is suitable to manage up to 12 processes in parallel.
Learn more about BlueVis

Download Brochure Eng (pdf 2MB)