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Your questions - our answers!

What can I do with BlueVis?

BlueVis offers the possibility to run and control bioprocesses. It was very important for us to develop open software that allows connecting sensors, analyzers and other devices like agitators, mass-flow-controller, balances and pumps independent of brand/manufacturer. Visit our product page or contact our sales people for more information.

What are the minimum system requirements to run BlueVis?

  • Intel I5 or higher
  • 8 GB Ram
  • 64 bit Windows (7, 8, 10)
  • 1 TB Hard disk space

Which devices are compatible / useable with BlueVis?

A lot of devices are already “BlueVis ready” and the umber will increase continuously. Next to special protocols BlueVis comes with native RS232, RS485 and TCP interfaces. For devices that are not in the list below please contact our sales team for support.

Follwing devices are BlueVis ready

Further devices could be connected with native and digital interfaces. In addition multiple analogue/digital adapters are available on the market.

HamiltonEasyFerm pH ARCRS485, Bluetooth
HamiltonVisiFerm, ARCRS485, Bluetooth
HamiltonDenCytee RS485, PC-Box
BronkhorstMass flow controlerRS485
TraceC2 Glukose/LaktateTCP/IP
TraceP4 (Pump)TCP/IP
IsmatecReglo PumpRS232
Mettler ToledoInPro 5500iRS485
A&D CompanyBalanceRS232
UnknownYour deviceAsk us!

Communication with other software

BlueVis could deliver and receive data from the following systems / software


Eppendorf DASware® controlOPC
ExputecInCyghtData base

Other possible with modification

Is BlueVis as 32bit version available?

Yes, we have a 32 bit version but with a few features less (e.g. graphic user interface GUI, no database). We recommend to use the 64bit version. For further questions please contact our sales team.

The measurement is interrupted from time to time and error messages like “Communication Lost” or “Timeout” occur?

Sometime the USB ports are deactivated by Windows (see manual). Please check the energy settings of Windows. Furthermore please check the USB cables and use an active USB-hub.