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Your questions - our answers!

After which time does the BlueInOne need maintenance?

To reduce the normal drift of the measuring signal, it is necessary to conduct maintenance in our factory at least every two years. If the sensor is used continuous the maintenance should be conducted after 9000 hours of operation. Your BlueInOne informs you about this, by displaying the warning “Calib. Requested” (green and yellow LED light is flashing). See our discounted Blue4Care maintenance for additional information.

After which time is it recommended to exchange filters and seals on a BlueInOne?

The filters and seals used and provided by BlueSens excel in terms of durability and also will be exchanged with every regular maintenance. So we only recommend to check the filters with every one point calibration for soiling or damage and excheange them if necessary. You find detailed instruction in your manual.

Which supplies are necessary to complete the maintenance?

Under normal conditions we need only the sensor for maintenance. If any supply (like cables, flow adapter etc) is damaged or soiled, please add it to your delivery. We will then test it and clean or repair it if necessary.

The red LED light is on. What does this mean?

When you power the BlueInOne the red light has to flash for a few times and then only the yellow light should be on. This is only part of the sensors self-test routine. Should the the red light be constantly on (not flashing!) for a few seconds, before the sensor switches to the yellow LED light or when the red light does stay on for over 30 seconds, without switching to the yellow light, please disconnect the sensor from power. Wait for at least 5 seconds and connect it again. If the error occurs again, please contact our service team.