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After which time a calibration of BlueSens sensors is recommended?

A one-point calibration is recommended once in a month. The regular factory maintenance is recommended every two years or when 9000 operating hours are expired.

What does one-point calibration mean? How is it done?

BlueSens provides an easy procedure to minimize drift effects, to ensure ongoing high accuracy and precision for our sensors. If the sensor is used continuously the sensor should be calibrated once in a month, otherwise we recommend a calibration before fermentation.

To start a one-point calibration the sensors must be powered for at least an hour so that the sensor is heated up. In the meantime the sensor should be exposed to the calibration gas stated on the sensors data sheet. After the heating process the calibration process is executed via the BlueVis software or by simultaneous pressing both bottons on the BlueInOne for at least 5 seconds. The calibration process is accompanied by the green LED light which is flashing. After the sensor switched back to steady green the sensor is ready for use again. For further support please contact our service team