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Do BlueSens BCP ´sensors show pressure dependency?

Yes, like most of the sensors also BlueSens sensors are dependent on pressure. But BlueSens sensors always include pressure compensation. To ensure that the pressure compensation is set to the right ranges, pressure conditions are requested during tendering phase. Working range is between 0.8 and 3 bar (absolute). This means that at an ambient pressure of 1 bar the sensor may be operated at 0.2 bar under pressure and 0.3 bar over pressure.

Where is pressure been measured in BlueSens BCP sensors?

To meet the requirements of your process best, BlueSens offers different solutions. Depending on the construction form of your sensor pressure can be measured central in the multiplexer or at the BCP sensor. For closed systems we additionally offer an external pressure sensor with which you can measure the pressure in your system.

In which pressure range do BlueSens BCP sensors work?

Depending on the construction type as well as the configuration the working range is between 0.8 und 1.3 bar (absolute) or 0.8 and 2 bar (absolute).

Can sensors be upgraded retrospectively with a pressure sensor?

Yes it´s possible to upgrade BCP sensors in aluminum housing. To do so the sensor must be refurbished and calibrated in the factory in Herten.