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What kind of measurement principle is used in BCP-CH4 sensors?

The sensor contains an infrared (IR) source of radiation, a detector and the evaluation electronics. The IR light beam is reflected by the gas filled measurement adapter and the light which is weakened by the analyses gas is measured by the detector.

Does the sensor show interferences with other gases?

Due to the NDIR measurement principle the BCP-CH4 exhibits an interference with other hydrocarbons. In addition to that an interference with CO2 exists as a result of the small distance between the reference wavelength and the CO2 absorption band. The deviation is dependent from the measurement specifications of the sensor as well as the gas composition. For biogas measurements BCP-CH4 is subjected to a special calibration to minimize the interference with CO2.

Is the BCP-CH4 sensor allowed to be used as a safety device?

No, like all other sensors BCP-CH4 is not allowed to be used as a safety device or gas warning device. Furthermore it is not allowed to be applied in explosive surroundings.