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Your questions - our answers!


How often do I have to calibrate BlueSens sensors?

It is recommended to perform a one point calibration once a month and a factory calibration during the annual maintenance.

What does „one point calibration“ mean? How is it done?

This calibration procedure was developed by BlueSens and calibrates your sensor without the need to calibrate it at a second point. This save gases and makes it much easier. Unfortunately this procedure is confidential. It should be done every month if the sensor is used continuously, otherwise run the calibration before every fermentation. Therefore you have to heat your sensor for 60 minutes and apply the gas for calibration. Which gas you need is written in the specification sheet that comes with the sensor. In general there are multiple possibilities to do the calibration. Please check your manual for a detailed description. If you have further questions please contact our service team.


How much does it cost to repair a sensor?

BlueSens sensors are very robust, so we normally just need to replace the used sensing elements and filters. If the sensor is really damaged (mechanical stress) we need to check this physically and prepare an individual quote.


What is Blue4Care?

Maintenance and calibration on regular base are recommended to get always accurate measuring signals. This is will guarantee the quality of our products and of the produced data. As a special offer you can get a discount of up to 50% on the normal maintenance fee sending the sensor for maintenance every year. In addition we are extending the guarantee for another year. For more information click here.

Remote Support

Is it possible to do remote support for BlueSens sensors?

To avoid huge cost and long waiting times for trouble shooting we offer error analysis via TeamViewer, a remote-software. As an alternative if you do not have internet access you can use our diagnosis software BACCheck to collect data offline and send the created file with an email to our service team.

What does remote support cost?

With the purchase of a BlueSens product you get automatically 30 minutes service time for free. If this is not sufficient, we prepare a quote for additional service time.

Additional effort like software installation, configuration of software and sensors is not included. In the case you like BlueSens to install software and do the configuration, please contact our service time, we gladly prepare an individual quote for you.

On site service

Which kind of "on site service" does BlueSens offer?

In general our products are designed to ensure an easy installation and use by the end user himself. If this does not work we offer remote support.

Sometimes it makes sense that a BlueSens professional does installation on site. For this case please get in contact with our service or sales team. We will prepare a quote corresponding to your needs.