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BlueSens Academy

Welcome to BlueSens Academy

Become an off-gas expert without even leaving your office. At BlueSens Academy you can participate online workshops and webinars, watch videos about installations or maintenance topics. We show you what's new and reveal some tricks. All webinars are prepared as nice and compact units.

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Let’s talk about measurements …

Important stuff you need to know about accuracy, precision and more

April 26th, 5 pm (CET)

When researching the purchase of a new measuring device, you will be confronted with a wide variety of information on the measuring accuracies of the device in the data sheets.
But what exactly does precision mean and what is the difference to accuracy? What is drift and why should you not miss the regular calibrations. What exactly do the specifications mean for you as a user?
Our service manager Sebastian Deutsch introduces you in on the secrets of your data sheet.
Boring topic? Not with us - we promise!

Cell culture – 2 current topics that show the true benefit of exhaust gas data

We are very pleased to welcome Prof. Ralf Pörtner (Technical University Hamburg), as well as Christian Klinger (Roche, Penzberg) as speakers at the BlueSens Academy.
On May 18, we will start the second episode of our "We love science" series, this time focusing on the topic "Benefits of exhaust gas analysis in cell culture processes". What is the use of exhaust gas data? We will show you two up-to-date examples.
The session will be opened by Christian Klinger. He will show us how he uses CO2 exhaust data to determine pH and pCO2 in cell culture processes. Prof Pörtner will then talk about the use of exhaust gas data in his lab to create digital twins.
As usual, we look forward to discussing with you and the speakers afterwards.

When? May 18, 2021 - 5pm CET
Where? BlueSens Academy

What's "We love science"?

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