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BlueSens BCP-H2 - characteristics of our hydrogen sensor

BCP-H2 Product Presentation
Mar 31 - Mar 31, 2023
11:00 am (CET – German time)

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In situ determination of hydrogen concentrations – robust and stable


In situ determination of hydrogen concentrations – robust and stable

Technical Short Facts

  • measuring principle: thermal conductivity detector
  • concentration ranges: H2: 0 – 10 Vol.%, 0 – 50 Vol.%, 0 – 100 Vol.% (others on request)
  • accuracy: < 0.2% FS (full scale) ± 3% reading
  • drift: < ± 2% reading / year
  • temperature: different temperature ranges available
  • pressure range: 0.8 - 1.3 bar/11.6 – 18.85 psi absolute pressure (others on request)
  • housing: aluminum (IP65) or PA
  • cross sensitivity: BCP-H2 provides the best measurement results in binary gas mixtures. For other gas mixtures please consult us for advice.

The BCP-H2 is a cost effective analyzer suitable for most process applications (biological and chemical) where determination of hydrogen concentration is necessary. The principle of measurement is thermal conductivity which means that there is specific cross sensitivity with other gases. The degree of cross sensitivity depends on the thermal conductivity of the other gases present in the mixture and the specification of the sensor. The greatest precision is seen in binary gas mixtures e.g. H2/CO2, H2/N2 and H2/Ar. For other gas mixtures please consult our technical support team. BCP-H2 can be connected to culture vessels of any scale. All BCP-analyzers are available with aluminum (pilot to industrial scale use) or PA (lab scale) casings. If you´re interested in measuring hydrogen and another gas simultaneously, please look at the BlueVary section.

BCP-H2 – precise and stable determination of hydrogen concentrations

  • robust and stable
  • concentration range up to 100 Vol. %
  • no minimum gas flow needed
  • direct integration in gas pipes, installation of additional gas pipes is not necessary
  • no extra gas cooler, no pumps
  • fast installation due to standard connection
  • low maintenance costs
  • factory calibration using certificated test gases

Application areas

  • biological and chemical industry
  • anaerobic microbial processes
  • biogas & biofuels
  • algal culture (hydrogen production)

Don't waste budget and "Use what you have"

Before you go and buy something new: check your lab! It might be enough to just buy several new components. We can show you how to turn your older equipment into a modern, fully equipped and controlled system.

Go and check your lab cabinets for 

  • an (older) culture vessel, bioreactor or fermenter
  • pH, pO2 probes
  • agitator control
  • digital mass flow controller or flow meter
  • pumps for feed addition and pH control
  • open software BlueVis 4.0
  • off-gas analyzers suitable for your application

Do you already have some of these items? — Perfect! With open bioprocess software BlueVIS we will connect all components and make your system run. Various communication protocols already have been integrated in BlueVIS. If yours is not supported yet, we will realize it.

Use what you have — Think sustainable and keep your invest low

  • Don't waste money on installation fees or trainings
  • Use equipment from manufacturers that you want to and not that you're told to
  • BlueVIS 4.0 is compatible with other process-control software via OPC

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Benefit from continuous off-gas data

See what´s happening when it´s happening. MS and off-gass analyzers - it doesn´t have to be either or but can also be complementary. Read here why and how to benefit from continuous off gas measurement made by BlueSens although you already might have a mass spec.

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OEM sensors – customized sensors are our daily business

BlueSens' high quality measurement technique integrated in your device or provided with your label? We are already producing our sensors OEM for market leading fermenter manufacturers.

If you are interested in an individual OEM solution, please

Contact us