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Use What You Have –

Perfectly coordinated

Head plate

Head plate for fermenter with 150mm diameter and 7x PG13.5 ports and 7x11mm ports made of stainless steel.

1 central agitator port.

For detailed product information, please contact us.

    ProductShort descriptionArticle No.

    head plate with flange D=150mm, 7xPG13,5, 7x11mm ports


    flat flange quick release clamp LF150, Stainless steel

    11mm port plugZ-FF-00013
    11mm bushingZ-FF-00014

    hose feedthrough & 11mm bushing

    Z-FF-00061 & Z-FF-00014

    sparger: Al2O2 membrane, pore =1,2 µm, L=50mm

    PG13,5 port plugZ-FF-00012
    PG13,5 bushingZ-FF-00007


    Overview of accessories for the lid: