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BlueSens makes sense!



On July 1st in 2001 Udo Schmale and Holger Müller founded BlueSens gas sensor GmbH in Herten, Germany. Up to the present both founders are still managing directors of the company. 15 years ago the electrical engineer Udo and Holger, a chemist, decided to collaborate in the future. During the 90s they did their PhDs on infrared-measurement techniques at the Institute for Chemo- and Biosensors at the Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität in Münster. For more than 20 years the inventive heads of the company are dealing with the development, manufacturing and application of gas measurement techniques. Already at an early date of their collaboration they realized the market potential of their smart measuring solutions and decided to have it patented and found the BlueSens gas sensor GmbH. From this very first start BlueSens focused on the customers’ needs and emphasized on a close relationship to the customers.


Developing the future….



With their inventiveness, the close customer contact as well as their good sense for the market important milestones were achieved and helped building a solid fundament for the company. The young company from Herten grew steadily and finally with more than 20 employees moved to their own company building at Snirgelskamp in 2012.
Being on the market for over 15 years with more than 15.000 sensors being sold BlueSens quickly established as the off gas specialist for bioprocess optimization. Complementary to the direct sales of the sensors the company supplies the best known fermenter manufacturers with their sensor technique.

In addition to their products for bioprocess optimization the extensive product portfolio is rounded off by products for biogas applications. BlueSens products are sold on a worldwide scale. In 2015 the American subsidiary BlueSens Corporation was founded in Illinois, Chicago.
Combing an ideal composition of expertise, experience and innovation strength with the continuous feedback of the customers BlueSens is looking in a promising future.