Gas analysis for bioprocesses, biogas and life sciences

BlueSens, your competent partner for gasometric engineering. BlueSens offers gas measuring technique - made in Germany - from the robust sensor, oxygen analyzer, CO2 sensor to the complex analytical system. BlueSens is your partner for your measuring task, whether you need a standard sensor, oxygen analyzer, online analyzer, CO2 analyzer or a custom-tailored development for your off gas analysis.

BlueSens. Efficient gas analysis for:

Compact gas sensors, oxygen analyzers, carbon dioxide analyzers, CH4 analyzers, H2 analyzers and EtHO analyzers and the new BlueInOne for industrial applications can be found on the following pages.

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Complete high-tech gas analysis systems for the laboratory. The systems are a great assistance in the daily business in the lab and offer a automatic continuous documentation of the results.

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BlueSens has produced robust and reasonably priced sensors controlling the processes, so that biogas plants are able to work extremely effective.

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BenchOne Biogas

BlueSens is presenting a new bench-top gas analyzer. The BenchOne Biogas is an easy to use laboratory-scale analyzer for biogas. It can simply be connected to the off-gas line of a vessel or a fermenter and the measurement can start right away. Bench tests related to the production of Biogas can be easily and reliably monitored, analyzed and documented using the BenchOne Biogas.

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New display for the BlueInOne

For all the BlueInOne gas analyzers there is a convenient additional display available now. It shows the current measurement data of the CO2 and O2 concentration. So you have the present measurement always directly in view.There are versions for each BlueInOne; also devices that are already in use can be upgraded.

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Report No.3

The new Report No. 3 is now available as downloadable PDF-document. Different scientific applications of the BlueSens´ gas analyzers can be found in this Report. In this latest issue of the Report, the analysis of hydrogen in bioprocessing is one of the main topics as well as the analysis of CO2 and O2. Selected project reports from the BlueCompetition 2013 were collated by BlueSens for this informative compilation of application reports.

(Download Report No.3, PDF-file, 3.4MB)

(Download of the Report No.2 )


 New4Old is a repurchase offer for older BCP-sensors. Send your old BCP-sensor back to us and get 400 € off when buying a new BCP-sensor. (see details)

The BlueVis software. The ideal tool for the BlueInOne.

The BlueVis software is the most convenient solution to operate the BlueInOne gas analyzers. It logs and visualizes the data and is a maintenance-tool for the monthly calibration as well. This Bioprocessing software calculates the Oxygen uptake rate (OUR), Carbon dioxide emission rate (CER) and respiratory quotient (RQ) automatically by the collected data of the BlueInOne analyzer and the given process parameters. Up to 12 processes can be easily managed by this program.   

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New gas analyzers for CO2 and O2: BlueInOne Cell and BlueInOne Ferm

The BlueInOne gas analyzers combine the parallel measurement of CO2 and O2. The analyzers are affected neither by the gas flow nor by the humidity in the process. The latest BlueInOne Cell is available straight away. The BlueInOne Ferm is the modern tool for monitoring fermentations and the BlueInOne Cell is the perfect device for cell growth processes. the gas analyzer BlueInOne Ferm the gas analyzer BlueInOne Cell

Looking for a sensor for a specific gas?

Fermenter, Oxygen analyzer, Bioprocessing
CO2 / O2 / CH4 / H2

Reliable gas sensors for bioprocesses in the fermenter and the shake flask

Each and every gas sensor of BlueSens such as the C02 analyzer and the CH4 analyzer for a shake flask or the fermentor offers premium quality for laboratory and industrial application. From the individual oxygen sensor all the way to the complex analysis system for bioprocesses or biogas BlueSens offers reliable and highly precision measuring technology- made in Germany - for the off gas analysis in a methane digester and other applications of the bioprocess technology. No matter whether you require a specific customised development - BlueSens solves your individual measuring task whenever necessary, in every scale, precisely and reliably. For the biogas measurement on a laboratory scale, we offer the compact BenchOne Biogas device that is very easy to install, to measure CO2 and CH4 in real-time.

In Life Sciences it is essential to gain the complete control over the bioprocesses. A decision in favour of BlueSens means process optimisation online. Thereby the online analyzers are measuring exactly at the spot where process is taking place.

BlueSens offers reliable gas analysis on the basis of established and sound infrared measuring technology (IR sensors). The sensors of BlueSens such as the carbon dioxide sensor and the oxygen analyzer have a true competitive advantage by their innovative and patented design. An advantage that BlueSense passes on to its customers. The costs for the analysis of gas in a bioprocess e.g. for the bioreactor (also biogas plants) can be minimised. No matter whether you are looking for an oxygen sensor, a hydrogen sensor, a CH4 sensor, a CO2 sensor the new gas analyzer BlueInOne or a very different sensor - BlueSens is always the first address where favourably priced, precise and compact quality sensors are concerned. BlueSens sensors also have proven its quality in processes of aerobic fermentation and parallel bioreactors in the food industry the pharmaceutical industry numerous times.

The policy of BlueSens is to offer the simplest possible, and thus most cost-effective sensors. Based on ongoing research and state-of-the-art technology we are able to also offer customised solution to you in difficult application fields.



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